Way of the Wolf Shifter Legacies cover

Way of the Wolf: Shifter Legacies 1

His old life shattered, his new life is consumed with revenge… and love.

Doctor David Lephmann wants nothing more than to help the less fortunate and learn more about them, and his new post at Mercy Hospital is the perfect place to do both. His mentor is desperate for the help, and welcomes him to a world of nonhuman customs and strange magics.

One night after a long day at the hospital, David is confronted by the reality of life among monsters, when he intervenes in a fight he knows nothing about. He takes a side, and his life is changed forever. Sorely wounded by one of the werewolves he tried to help, he is thrust into a world of violence and mistrust where the only thing that matters is strength. Challenge and counter is the way of the wolf, and David must learn there are many kinds of strength. With no way back to his old life, he must fight for a place in the new one he’s been plunged into, but David has never had to fight for anything in his life. Can he survive the challenge?

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