Self Healing Engineered Muscle

What an amazing world we all live in. Here I am making up stories about stuff that I assume one day will come true, and then something like this comes to my attention and I realise it’s happening right now!

In the Merkiaari Wars series my cyborg soldiers have bioengineered and enhanced musculature among other things, and their IMS (Integrated Medical System) heals all kinds of injuries and even rebuilds destroyed components.

The following link shows that not only will my ideas come true some day, scientists have already proven a “prototype” of the technology in the lab using mice.

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One thought on “Self Healing Engineered Muscle”

  1. John

    Wow I could do with a bit of that, do they need anyone to test it out? It’s either that or you turn me into a Viper Mark.
    PS I look good in a tin suit.

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