Shifter Omnibus Sale

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I’m really excited by this sale. Many readers might not know of a website called, but I can assure you every author in the universe does! Well I was accepted by them to run a promotion on the 1st of February. Tomorrow this boxed set will be 99cents at all my vendors.

LA gets a little hotter when there’s blood on the streets…

David Lephmann is a doctor who wants to treat shifters and other non humans equally, but in his world they have no rights. David puts himself in danger to help a shifter, and is infected with Lycanthropy himself.

Suddenly he sees life from the non human point of view first-hand, and struggles to find his place in a world that hates him. He meets a powerful vampire with more honour than his old colleagues, and together they set out to change the world.

This special edition of Shifter Legacies combines books 1 and 2 and contains over 850 pages of dark urban fantasy full of supernatural suspense.

Grab it for 99 cents for a limited time:
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Mark E. Cooper

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