The entire set £19.99+ p&p

Hey guys,

I have a question for you. I’m thinking about the launch of Incursion: Merkiaari Wars 5. I’ve had a few samples of some promotional goodies made, and I love them all. Thing is, I have no idea if you’ll agree to support this effort, so…


Yes indeed, it’s poll time again. You’ve already helped with cover ideas, and surveys about audio versions and more. THIS time I want to know if you like my stuff enough to collect things related to the books. Are you the type of fans to purchase doodads? Let’s find out.

  1. Worlds of the Alliance poster (size A1)
  2. Enamelled metal Viper keyring
  3. Enamelled metal Viper lapel pin
  4. Embroidered cloth Viper patch
  5. All of the above as a set (£19.99+ p&p)

[cardoza_wp_poll id=9]

Mark E. Cooper

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