Sci-fi fantasy ebook double whammy sale

Sci-fi and fantasy ebooks on special

Hey guys, it’s time for another Patty Jansen sale. My awesome ebooks Rune Gate (Kindle Unlimited) and Hard Duty (Kobo first in free, normally £3.99) are in the sale, so if you haven’t bought them yet, why the heck not? Now is the time to grab them, and then of course get all the follow on books! Hehehehe.

The page is cram packed with 99cents and free Sales just for you guys. I’m calling this one the Sci-fi fantasy ebook double whammy sale because we haven’t tried combining Kindle Unlimited with a Kobo sale before. I hope all you lovely Canadians will snap up the books and prove this idea worthwhile. 🙂

As usual, you’ll recognise some big names (okay, I’m one of the little guys) and some you won’t recognise at all. They’re new to the team. This deal is over the 5th and 6th of March, and as always no guarantees about what you’ll find after those dates, so be quick. I do know some of the books are already up on the page, but I doubt the prices are fixed yet. So browse and bookmark the page for later. Click the following link to begin:

As always, if you have any concerns about this or ANYTHING else, please contact me. You can do that by using my website’s contact thingy (top left).

Have fun,

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