duty_thumb2All the cool authors are doing it, so I had to jump on the band wagon, didn’t I? Not having a clue about video creation didn’t stop me, no sir, not me!

My You Tube channel (the graphic on the left will take you there as well) is still in its earliest stages. I have my lovely cover designer (Dawn at Darkdawncreations.com) making me a nice banner image for it. So far I’ve made 10 videos with my very own mouse, but don’t get too excited! They don’t feature me skateboarding off the roof, or down the steps. or anything like that.

The first one is a really short walk around my V12 Cobra. It was something that I already had on my comp, and I used it to test the YouTube dashboard. The other 9 are the important ones. They’re my audiobook samples with cover images. If you haven’t listened to a Mikael Naramore narration, you need to check them out.

Have fun
Mark E. Cooper

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