10891423_296054060541526_5329482490823920355_nMy best mate Michael Russell-Mott is, let’s face it, a health NUT! (Hey Russ, waves!) He’s into lifting, and eating all the right stuff, doing tough mudders EVERY FRIGGING WEEK!! (Okay, not really, but you get the idea haha) , and in general living right.

So imagine this guy being besties with me for 30+ years! For most of that time I was intent on eating all the wrong stuff, playing games online, writing (sitting down for days on end), and basically trying to kill myself with over-eating. He was probably tearing his hair out because I ignored all his advice (though I have to say, although its all grey now, he still has plenty, and I’m NOT responsible for the grey!)

So about 18 months ago I went full time as an author, and both of us changed careers. Mine is writing, his is charity work (running all over the world doing good stuff. https://www.facebook.com/FundraiseForVietnam ) and wonder of wonders, I drop over half my body weight! If I’m happy, you can imagine what Russ must be thinking? He probably thinks he entered the twilight zone. I might be a pod person or something!

So anyway, one of the things he says is good for me is green tea, but I can’t use any old tea. I have to have Dragon Pearls! Ooooh ah listen to me. Dragon Pearls! Sounds like something a dragon leaves behind in one of my books hahaha! Well, dragon pearls need a special cup. Yup, you heard it right. We Brits love tea, but it doesn’t get a SPECIAL flaming cup! Well it does now, see above. Pretty eh?

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