The bridge of ASN Mark E. Cooper… so okay, I couldn’t think up a good name. Don’t kill me! The black couch is where my arse should be right now, while I use that old fashioned Psion 5mx you can see there next to the more modern tablets. I use the Psion to write first drafts and should be writing Incursion: Merkiaari Wars 5, but I’m writing this instead. Don’t hurt me!

The tablets (Nexus 7 = awesome, iPad = meh) are there because I’m totally addicted to the net and I’m always looking something up on Google. Need to know what a carbon nanotube is? Google it! Need to know how to spell Deuterium? Google it! Haha…

10256461_205518559595077_8458152789151926408_oI use the old net deprived LCD handheld (seen here on my writing couch–no it’s not a casting couch!) for first drafts before yanking out its flash drive and plugging it into the main comp attached to the treadmill.

The LCD on the wall is actually a really good TV, old but excellent for text and gaming too. I used to play a LOT of MMOs, but that was before my writing became full time and the bills became more important than raiding. Hard to imagine for you ex-guildies out there I know.

10593219_205518606261739_1503779365209459416_nI import the raw text from the Psion’s flash drive into MS Word on that comp. It’s a water-cooled Alienware computer from my gaming days. It can do pretty much anything. Word processing is a joke for that monster–this is the Sebastian of computers in my house. The only thing it doesn’t do is get lippy like the “real” Sebastian does with Gina in Merkiaari Wars 4 (Operation Breakout). I bet it could though, if I ever find an AI emulator or something I might find out!

So I edit it the raw text in Word, and finally it’s imported into Scrivener where it joins all the other chapters awaiting beta readers and formatting into print and ebooks etc.

10616599_236216946525238_2048875821832422259_nSo where am I in these pics? Why am I not posing for professional looking “hard at work” type marketing pics that you see authors use on the net?

Well, I’m on the treadmill at the moment writing this, but you wouldn’t see me on that couch anyway. I’m behind the smart phone taking the pictures. I live alone, so its just me, myself, and I, creating the books for you and the tax man!

Got to keep the politicians in work spending our taxes on new legislation that we don’t need eh?

Have fun,

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