fboraclecoverWhere the heck is book 3?

I get that a lot LOL! It’s not always book three of course. Sometimes its number five or or number two or any other part of a series that you all love. This makes me happy because you like my characters, but it means I have to remember I’m not the only one involved in all this. I have to keep you guys up to date.

So where are we now that three months have gone by already. Three! My God I am so far behind already.

Just after Christmas I made a blog post to detail the plans for this year. There were three main things: 1, Audio editions. 2, lose weight, 3, write and release three new books one of which is Merki 5.

Where are we at?

Well weight loss is fantastic. I am 100kg now down from 150kg. It has taken ten months and I need to lose another 10kg before I’ll be done. I’m on track. Audio editions? Books one and two of Merkiaari Wars are done and on sale, books three and four are in production and should be out next month and the following one. Four others will follow for the other series. So all is good there.

Now the big one. Writing schedule. Way of the Wolf has about four chapters to go. The damn book keeps growing! I can’t NOT write these four chapters. The entire story has been building toward this from the beginning, so it has to be done and done right. This has slowed my start on Chosen, which is a shorter book by far, but needs about six chapters because of where I left off.

Merki 5 is only in my head and on a bunch of notes. I know what has to happen and how, but the words are not down anywhere yet.

Overall I am happy because of the weight loss and the audio–audio costs a huge amount to do properly, but sales are pretty encouraging thanks to you guys, and I don’t think I will need to get a part time job yet. That means I can write more, which I love to do. Honestly, I would rather starve than go back to the evil day job that I did for 32 years even though back then I loved the work.

Weird. I still think of myself as an engineer (don’t laugh those who knew me) I do have the qualifications and can prove it! Haha. Seriously. I loved making stuff, it was the other bullshit surrounding it all that ruined it. Getting out was the best thing to ever happen to me. I love this new life. I swear to all my readers I will do anything to keep writing books for you.

So it’s Saturday. What am I doing today? Working of course! I work 24/7 now and love it. It’s not all putting new words into the files of a book of course. Some of it’s marketing. Some writing on Facebook or the blog. It’s all related to my books though. So today? I am listening to the raw files of Operation Oracle looking for problems so that Mike Narramore, my narrator, can fix them before handing off the files to Audible. I am enjoying listening to it. I think you guys will love it.

Mark E. Cooper

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