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Incursion: Merkiaari Wars Book 5

The war games are on, but the real battle has just begun…

The Alliance is ready for the war games. The spectacular show of innovation and strength may change the way war is waged, but on far-flung worlds, devastating incursions have already begun. The Merkiaari are back, but news can only travel as fast as a foldspace drone.

Captain Eric Penleigh of the 501st Infantry Regiment looks forward to an easy assignment. All he needs to do is evaluate the best cutting-edge tech the Alliance has to offer and make nice with new alien allies. But when preparation for the games turns into a deadly war, nobody will be ready for what comes next…

Incursion is the long-awaited fifth book in the Merkiaari Wars series. If you like breathtaking space battles and heart-pounding military sci-fi, then you’ll love Mark E. Cooper’s latest entry in the beloved space opera saga.

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What do readers say?

Rune Gate Cycle

“Wow the world building in this one was great, loved this world that the characters found themselves a part of. Great imagery again and chock full of magic.”

“So addicting I’m desperately hoping for another addition to this saga!!! Please say there will be more books in the future!!!!”

Devan Chronicles

“Ripped from our world to theirs, will she be their savior or their destroyer? Some excellent sword and sorcery fantasy. If you like the fantasy genre, you’ll enjoy these first three books in the Devan Chronicles. All in all, one of the best series I’ve read recently. I’ll be ordering the fourth book now. Can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Shifter Legacies

“Genres overlap, in the best way… Do you enjoy books set in alternative, supernatural worlds similar to our own? How about science fiction? Police dramas? Kick-ass heroines? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you will enjoy this book!”

“If like detective stories and a little Fade to Black shifter romance thrown in this is series for you.”

“Finally, a UF novel that really is a UF novel!”

Merkiaari Wars

“Submarine Reading Material: I am a retired 30 year Submariner. This series would have earned a place in my limited stowage space onboard. I like having the story told from different character aspects and not just one individual. The first book lays a good foundation into war with another species, and finds another allied race. The author develops the characters to where you can empathise with them.(Literally) Been a great read for me.”

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